Video Gait Analysis

Video Gait Analysis

Using video software and treadmill

Determining abnormal movement patterns when walking or running to identify potential pain and injury causes.

Biomechanics Evaluation

Biomechanical Evaluation

Clinical evaluation of the feet and legs

Examines foot and lower limb alignment, flexibility and strength to determine imbalances.

Running Shoes

Running Shoes

Evaluating your existing trainers

Advice regarding the correct running shoe for your individual foot-type to help reduce injuries.



Supply of prescription or off-the-shelf orthoses

Bespoke shoe inserts to resolve foot pain, lower leg pain and provide arch support.


Foot Mechanix Podiatry is a specialist biomechanics and gait analysis clinic using digital video gait analysis and computerised pressure measurement systems to diagnose and treat foot, leg and lower back pain or injuries associated with faulty biomechanics.

We treat people from all walks of life, from children through to the elderly and have a particular interest in runners, athletes and recreational sports enthusiasts. We can provide orthoses if required, together with trainer or footwear advice for your foot-type. Find out more

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What our clients say...

The first pair of orthotics proved to be completely successful which allowed me to walk normally and pain free, so that for the first time in 12 months I was finally able to wear a normal pair of shoes. I am eternally grateful indeed to Karen for her help and professional expertise in getting me 'back on my feet again'!"
- Robin Felix