Services Overview


Evaluating your individual movement and creating a tailored solution for your feet.

An active lifestyle is the key to health and happiness at any age. When injury or accidents happen, causing pain that limits your activities, your lifestyle can change dramatically. Our goal is to develop an individualised treatment plan to help you achieve optimal physical mobility and performance, so enabling you to enjoy life. The results of poor biomechanical function may not readily be seen because the body is capable of compensating for deficiencies and abnormalities. This compensation is very destructive as the body attempts to function in a compromised and inefficient manner.

At Foot Mechanix we combine traditional methods and state of the art technology to accurately study your body's motion, gait, pedal stability, propulsion and muscle action. Our experienced practitioners have a thorough knowledge of podiatry and use the latest video gait analysis equipment and biomechanical evaluation techniques to create a detailed picture of your particular patterns of movement.

This gives us a basis for determining the neutrality, normality and abnormality of your body structure and motion which in turn enables us to create a solution to allow you to function in comfort and to the best of your ability.

We focus not only on treatment, but also on prevention and rehabilitation. In order to achieve this we work closely with other health professionals. Therefore, if we feel it is appropriate in order to resolve your problem as quickly as possible, we may refer you to a physiotherapist, osteopath or orthopaedic consultant for further investigations if necessary. Should you need an x-ray arrangements can be made for private referral to the local Nuffield Hospital.

The Facts

  • About 4 out of 5 people have some sort of foot problems, sufficient to create symptoms at some time in their lives. Similarly, about 80% of the population demonstrates some degree of postural (hips, back, neck) complaint.
  • In human biomechanics, when a small force is applied to the foot, it is amplified through a series of lever actions, so that at points more distant to the foot (the knee, hip, back, neck) the effect of the force is magnified.
  • The body is a mass of constantly changing variables with nerves, muscles, sensations, pain and mental attitudes. We are all different and we each have our own unique variations in structure.
  • The surfaces we walk on can vary from moment to moment, from carpet, to concrete, grass, sand and so on; in Podiatric Biomechanics, these factors and more must be taken into account and incorporated into the therapeutic considerations for each patient.