Ingrowing toenails

Ingrowing toenails can occur due to incorrect cutting of the nail or mishapen nails. They are very common amongst teenagers with sweaty feet. Often people will cut down the side of the nail in an attempt to allievate the discomfort, but this usually leaves a spike of nail which when it grows forward, will stick into the skin again. Each time the nail is cut down with scissors, it compounds the problem. Sometimes, if left too long, hypergranulation tissue may form which is a very red vascular piece of tissue that will bleed easily.

In most cases a single treatment from the Podiatrist is sufficient to alleviate the condition. The offending piece of nail is removed and packing may be used to keep the skin away from the nail plate as it grows forward. This is again, done painlessly. But, in the cases where it has been left for a long time and there is hypergranulation tissue, it maybe too painful to remove the spike of nail. In this instance the Podiatrist will give a local anaesthetic prior to removing the piece of nail.