Nail infections

Some nails become thickened and distorted due to fungal and yeast infections. The nail may develop a yellowish brown discolouration and become brittle and crumbly making them difficult to cut. Pressure from a very thickened toenail can affect the skin under the nail which may become sore or even ulcerate.

Fungal nail infections can be a constant source of infection to the skin on the feet so it is important to erradicate it. When a fungal infection initially starts, you may see white spots on the surface of the nail plate, it is much easier to get rid of the infection at this stage, before letting it get to the very thickened, distorted stage.

Our Podiatrists will painlessly reduce the thickness of the nail plate, which exposes the fungus making it much more susceptible to the medication used to treat it. Anti-fungal solutions such as Clear-Zal, Curanail, or Tea Tree oil are then applied on a daily basis. It is important to have the dead nail and thickness reduced on a regular basis whilst using the medication.

Nail Surgery