Nail surgery

Nail Surgery is a permanent solution to a painful condition. An ingrowing toenail can cause severe discomfort and occurs when a side or part of the nail penetrates the skin. This can trigger an inflammatory response, redness and swelling and infection to the affected area. When the condition is too severe to treat routinely then nail surgery is required.

Nail surgery is a specialist procedure where a small part of the nail is removed under local anaesthetic. It takes approximately 1 hour. The wound is small but deep and healing can take between 4-6 weeks, during which time a series of re-dressing appointments will be required.

This minor procedure is performed by the podiatrist and has a very high success rate with aesthetically pleasing results. The podiatrist will discuss post operative care and advise you accordingly. Foot Mechanix carry a guarantee of success but, in the unlikely event that any re-growth should occur, we will repeat the procedure free of charge.

Nail Surgery at Footmechanix in Woking and West Byfleet