Can I wear high heeled shoes with orthotics?

There are specially designed orthoses for use in high-heeled shoes, although, because they are much slimmer, they do not provide as much control.

Are there any special instructions for wearing orthotics?

Yes, when you first have a new pair of orthoses, you will have to build up your wearing time gradually. Your body needs time to adapt and adjust to a different way of walking.

Are there any precautions to wearing orthotics?

Yes, casted orthoses are made from plastics, so when wearing them in sub-zero temperatures, it is advisable to put them in your boots/shoes and wear them before going outside, in order for them to warm up to body temperature.

Do not climb ladders in orthoses. This can put undue pressure on a single point and snap them.

Do not use a shovel, putting pressure on the upper ridge with your foot. This too, can cause breakage.

How long will a pair of orthotics last?

Use varies so much that it is impossible to estimate. Most prescription devices will last five to ten years, but will require regular maintenance to prolong their shelf life; some will last a lifetime. There are many different types of orthoses, each having different life spans. Your Podiatrist will advise you of the expected life span of your individual devices.

How do I get orthotics?

Your Podiatrist will determine whether or not you need orthoses after carrying out a Biomechanical Evaluation and Gait Analysis and you will be advised as to the type of devices best suited to you and your activities. These may either be temporary, premoulded orthoses, which are customised to your individual needs; or prescription orthoses, which are made from plaster moulds taken of your feet.

There are various substitutes for orthoses sold in sports shops, chemists etc. However, they are just that – Substitutes. They are not orthoses. They are off-the-shelf insoles.

Are you registered with the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC)?

The HCPC is a regulatory body for all health care professionals and, before embarking on any treatment, you should ensure that any practitioner is registered with them. All our Podiatrists have a minimum of 4 years post-graduate experience and are registered with the HCPC.