RS scan

We use the RSscan Footscan® System to measure pressure distribution of the feet. The footscan® systems can record up to 500 frames of data a second, this allows in depth analysis of the pressure and force distribution and their association with the biomechanics of the foot.

The system uses small sensors that are 5mm x 7mm, these allow accurate analysis of pressure deviations under all regions of the foot.

RS Scan

This is necessary to get a clear picture of foot mechanics, and can be vital when dealing with medical conditions such as diabetes.

Barefoot pressure measurements for both feet are collected. Pressure data can also be collected while the patient is wearing their preferred footwear/orthotics so that the influence of both may be compared to the biomechanics of their barefoot gait. The collected data is analysed and the results are visually presented to the patient together with results of their video gait analysis.

Example RS scans

RS Scan