The right shoe

Choosing the right shoe for your needs.

Your choice of shoe is an extremely important decision, as the right pair will help to protect you from injury or help your recovery from injury, whilst the wrong pair can cause pain and discomfort.

Often, people buy the wrong type of shoe for their foot-type. Many people believe that cushioning is the most important factor when selecting their shoes. But, if you have any biomechanical abnormalities, stability is the most important factor to consider.

Feet come in many shapes and sizes and are all very different. Shoes are also technically very different, some are designed for normal feet, some for flat or pronated feet and some for supinated, highly arched feet; the science is in matching the right shoe to your individual requirements.

At Foot Mechanix we understand that wearing the right type of running shoe will significantly reduce the risk of injury. Researchers have identified the wrong “type” of running shoe as being the main contributor to overuse injuries.

Shoe Selection

Proper shoe selection should accommodate biomechanical needs, not just for fit and function but performance too.

  • Over 75% of runners are in the wrong running shoe
  • 56% of whom will develop an injury
  • 70% of them seeking medical help

Multiple studies have demonstrated that by prescribing the right running shoe, injuries will be significantly reduced.