Foot Orthoses

An Orthosis is an inlay for the shoe, manufactured to exacting specifications of the foot (often from a plaster cast) for the purpose of:

  • Alleviating foot pain
  • Controlling / correcting abnormalities in walking pattern
  • Controlling movement for the competitive athlete
  • Providing cushioning, or shock absorbency for the patient who stands or walks all day.
  • Helping the elderly patient with a need for general support and to help them remain ambulant.
  • Helping patients with knee, hip or back pain which originates at the foot.

Orthoses should only be prescription medical devices made specifically for your foot and made to take into consideration any abnormal foot structure and function, to provide you with the ultimate of comfort and control.

Prescription orthoses are designed to last many years but their effectiveness may be reduced due to the development of various medical conditions or alteration in foot shape due to weight increase or loss, therefore regular check ups are recommended.

Some conditions have taken many years to develop even though symptoms may only have occurred more recently. Patients should therefore understand that it may take some time to alleviate and resolve their symptoms and will involve both commitment and compliance on their part as well as the Podiatrist.

Do I need orthoses?

If you fit into any of the above categories you are a candidate for orthoses. Foot Mechanix can carry out a Biomechanical Evaluation and Gait Analysis to determine whether you need orthoses and if so, which type.

Types of Orthoses


Prescription, casted orthoses.

Made from plaster moulds of your feet, together with a prescription taken from a Biomechanical Evaluation and Gait Analysis.

Customised, preformed orthoses.

These are pre-formed orthoses, which are customised for your individual needs, from a Biomechanical Evaluation and Gait Analysis.

These are not as accurate as prescription orthoses, but are a cheaper alternative and, depending on the problem may be the first choice of orthosis.