Biomechanical Evaluation

An assessment of the mechanics of the human body. Foot Mechanix biomechanical evaluation involves an examination of the entire 'kinetic chain' of your body in which the various angular relationships, ranges of motion and dynamic interactions are carefully measured and recorded.

Podiatric Biomechanics deals specifically with the structure and function of the segments of the feet as they relate to each other and to the legs, hips and spine.

Measurements are taken of:

  • leg length
  • pelvic alignment
  • hip range of motion
  • knee range of motion and stability
  • ankle range of motion together with the angle of bony relationships between the foot and lower leg and the separate joints within the foot itself.

There are existing parameters for what is considered 'normal' in these relationships. Where alignment is deemed to be incorrect; a prescription is calculated from the measurements taken in order to produce prescription orthoses - specially moulded insoles.