Video Gait Analysis

Measuring and analysing the biomechanics of your feet and legs as you walk or run on a treadmill.

There is a normal posture for feet, knees, hips and back at any point in a walking or running cycle. Video gait analysis enables us to study any abnormal movements of both muscles and joints as the body moves.

We use a combination of a Sprintex treadmill and Contemplas Templo software, to enable us to capture video and replay it in slow motion, measure angles and synchronise video clips side by side to analyse differences in gait patterns before and after treatment.

You will be able to see for yourself how you walk or run, helping you to understand particular problems, why they exist and how they can be prevented or eliminated. We are happy to supply the information on CD for use by other health care professionals or coaches with whom you are involved.

Video Gait Analysis is also used to assess the effectiveness of running shoes, both with and without corrective orthoses.

We also use a computerised pressure analysis system Footscan®, which provides information about the pressure underneath the barefoot or shoe whilst walking or running, measured up to 500 times a second (500Hz).

At Foot Mechanix we use state-of-the-art equipment to accurately record and study your gait cycle.

Video Example

Below you will see an example of the video gait analysis.

video gait analysis
Barefoot walking, showing bilateral excessive over-pronation   Gait corrected with the use of orthoses together with the appropriate shoe