Everyone loves wearing flip-flops in the summer sun, but after a period of use they can cause sore and aching feet. The lack of support is unhealthy for your feet, knees, hips and back.

Foot Mechanix Podiatry can provide specially designed flipflops that have a bespoke prescription built into into them. These 'Flopthotics' are far more supportive and specifically take into account your individual foot-type, overcoming many of the foot issues that normal flip flops can cause.

Footmechanix works directly with Edser Orthotic Labs who created the first true custom made Flip flop to provide feet the support and correction they need.

Custom made FlopThotics are recommended in combination with use of your custom made Orthotics in everyday and exercise shoes. Although closed toed shoes provide the best support for the foot and ankle, the Edser Flopthotic provides a viable alternative for the summer. 

FlopThotics are fabricated based on a 3D corrected model of the foot. A mold or 3D scan of the foot is sent directly to the Edser Orthotic Labs together with a completed Prescription form detailing any accommodations to be incorporated.  Edser will then custom mill the base of each FlopThotic to the corrected form of the foot and then hand finish the components of the Prescription and adhere the sole, covering and strap in the colours selected by you.


Edser Premium Flopthotics

The Perfect Blend of Fashion and Foot Health

Footmechanix can now supply the brand new line of premium Flopthotics from Edser. The Orthotic Flip flops are designed and produced in conjunction with specialist footwear designers in Spain, these are the first released within a vast range of sophisticated customised devices to be rolled out over the next few years. Available in multiple colours and a variety of adjustable straps.

Manufactured from a 3D scan or plaster cast of a foot, these premium Flopthotics are truly customized to the patient’s requirements. New and improved adjustable leather straps ensure comfort and stability without compromising on style.