I was referred to Karen Knightly in December by a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon from Guildford. He had diagnosed metatarsalgia in my left foot and suggested I get Metatarsal dome orthotics to add support. I had a fair bit of pain in my foot that was stopping me walking any distance and interfering in day- to- day activities and I was quite despondent about it.

Karen was brilliant from the get go; her calm, kind and knowledgeable manner quickly gave me confidence that my feet would be ok and the issue could be managed. She analysed my gait and then explained everything that was happening in a very clear manner and all the issues immediately made sense. Once I got the orthotics, I followed her instructions on wearing them in and they have been life changing. The pain vanished quickly and I'm back to walking long distances daily without worrying - as long as I wear my orthotics!

I could not recommend Karen more highly. The Surgeon I saw told me she was the best around for orthotics and I agree. It's a sad fact that many women suffer feet problems after years of heels/work shoes so having someone to help resolve the issues is brilliant!

Vanessa, Cobham, June 2023

Having tried various NHS and private health routes to sort out a pain in my foot my chiropractor recommended Foot Mechanix. Through a comprehensive assessment, including the use of video analysis of my gait, they were able to diagnose the problem and provide the correct orthotics to relieve the problem. I have now been pain free for many years and have a useful annual review to prevent any recurrence of the problem. Thank you. Richard, Apr 2023

Karen, I have just realised that I haven’t sent you a card and of all the people I know who deserve a card from me, you are top of the list! Every weekday now I do a brisk walk for 30 minutes and the effect on my health and mental outlook is wonderful.  Nothing in the last decade or two has made such an important difference to my health and life as the very effective advice and treatment I received from you. Once again thank you very much. Wishing you and Catherine a very Happy Christmas and (us all!) a good new year.  Michael, Dec 2021

Very happy to have resolved a long-standing achilles injury with Karen's help. I was slightly sceptical about shockwave therapy, but just four treatments and the pain has gone completely - it is absolutely WONDERFUL to be able to walk normally again after nearly a year of pain and limping. Karen is lovely - professional, thorough, and extremely skilled. Highly recommended. Ruth, May 2021

Being a keen triathlete, I am used to injuries, but my foot pain had got so bad that I had stopped running and struggled to play 18 holes of golf without pain. I was disappointed after being told my running days were over by an orthopaedic surgeon due to the foot problems. Despite this I came to Foot Mechanix and after a superbly comprehensive assessment I was prescribed orthotics. After following the detailed advice about rehab and use of the orthotics, I am absolutely delighted to say I am back running. Today I ran a half marathon and no foot pain. One delighted patient! Dr T Johnson , June 2020

I first attended FMX in June 2018 on the recommendation of my Chiropractor, having developed a very painful hip. Although I had an X-ray on the hip it apparently didn’t warrant any major intervention and I was given exercises to carry out, which proved to be somewhat problematic as they created issues with other joints!

On attending the clinic, I was immediately impressed by the professional approach and the service provided. Having ascertained my problem I was videoed walking on the treadmill and when that was replayed it was evident that all was not as it should be! It was suggested that orthotics might be helpful, so these were ordered for me and on my next visit were customised for my particular needs. They have transformed my life! I have conscientiously worn them in my shoes for 99% of the time and the pain in my hip has effectively gone. From remembering how incapacitated I was in June 2018 I am now pain-free and able to live a normal, active life, and very relieved that this alternative therapy has been such a success.

I have just been for a follow-up visit; new orthotics have been ordered and I have every confidence they will continue to provide an ongoing resolution to my problem. Jeanette, July 2019

I came to see Karen in September 2018. I had a lot of pain on the underside of my left foot, so much so, that I could barely walk and could hardly put my weight on it. When I got up in the morning, I would have to build myself up to make myself put my foot on the ground as the pain was so bad. I desperately needed help as it was affecting the quality of my life.

Karen suggested new prescription orthotics as the way forward and if I was prepared to give it a go, to try shock wave treatment. This was something I'd never heard of, but as I was in so much pain, I was prepared to try anything to help my poor foot. I had four successive weeks of shock wave treatment. It isn't pleasant and I had to build up to the highest intensity as I did find it painful. The good news is the treatment doesn't last long, a matter of minutes. Stick with it and get yourself through it, as it does work. Karen and Michael also watch you carefully to check how you're reacting to it.

By December, having the new orthotics and following an exercise regime, the pain in my foot was much less. I am now pain free under my foot. Whilst I am still trying an adjustment to the left orthotic to get it absolutely right, I am so much better and now don't dread putting my left foot on the floor. I would say I am better because of a combination of the new orthotics and the shock wave treatment. I think the shock wave treatment sped up my recovery.

I am so grateful to Karen and Michael for their help. They have enabled me to walk again. It is also important to say that Karen cares about your wellbeing and you can sense that when you meet her. She thinks very carefully about what will help you and is a very genuine person who wants to make you better. There is a real kindness there and I can't recommend her and her team highly enough. Lynne, July 2019

I cannot thank Karen Knightly enough for problem solving my foot. I had been diagnosed with a Morton’s Neuroma on my left foot that gave the feeling of walking on pebbles. The consultant at the Royal Surrey recommended a guided injection but after that procedure the pain was much worse and I could only walk for 10 minutes without being in excruciating pain. As I am normally very active running and walking long distances you can imagine I was devastated. The only way I could walk was to wear Fit flop sandals.

My consultant explained that I could have 2 operations: first a bunion operation that “might” work then an operation to mend a plantar sag and to shorten 3 of my toe bones. Neither sounded good options. My physiotherapist recommended Karen Knightly at Foot Mechnix I Cobham.

Karen examined my foot, analysed my gait and created both orthotics and a toe straightener. She was attentive to my descriptions and problem solved the situation. Since then I have been able to walk without pain and wear shoes other than fitflops. Amazing!! Thank you Karen, ‘Tricia McIntosh, Dec 2016

"I came to see Karen in …….. I had been in a lot of pain with my feet for nearly a year.

I had walked over some very uneven ground and a few days later started to get a lot of pain in my feet. I put up with the pain for a while and decided that it was becoming too much so I decided to go to a local osteopath. I ended up going once a week and found no improvement, so I then went to another osteopath some hour and a half away from me, I went there for many months every week until the pain became unbearable.

I was in London and decided to walk back from Piccadilly Circus to Charing Cross, it was pouring hard with rain. I started off and within a few moments I was in so much pain I had to stop nearly every metre in shop doorways, the pain became so bad that I was not sure if I would make to the station.

I managed to get an emergency appointment the next day with the same osteopath, I told my story and said that I could no longer cope with the pain and I felt that the treatments I had been receiving had not made any difference unfortunately.

I asked what was the best thing to do, and was recommended to see a podiatrist, I was offered 2 names but was told that Karen was the best one for me to see.

Still in a lot of pain and not able to really walk at all, I was able to get an appointment within a day or two with Karen.

When I met Karen I was so impressed with the professional way that she carried out the examination and at all times showed me so much consideration to the pain I was in. She gave me a very detailed report of my problem and reassured me that having orthotics would make an improvement.

To be honest I didn’t think that insoles would sort the problem out but as I was in so much pain I was beginning to think that I was not going to be able to walk anymore.

Karen gave me a very detailed account on what I had to do, change my shoes to lace ups, make sure I had a heel and that the shoes fitted well, in other words all my shoes had to go. She told me the orthotics would take a few weeks for me to get used to, she was right, I started off wearing them as recommended every other day and then everyday if I could manage it.

I would say the transition was not easy as I was still in a lot of pain but after a few weeks I started to feel the improvements which allowed me to walk with very little pain, it did take a few weeks to break them in but after two months I was walking on air, NO PAIN and 3 years on still no pain, she changed my life and made me buy a new wardrobe of shoes but when you have suffered so much it is wonderful to be able to walk pain free, even walking now for miles and up and down stairs as I work in London and it’s amazing how many stairs there are on the underground.

I can only say a big thank you to Karen for changing my life."

Douglas Ballard, Aug 2016

"I hate my feet, have always hated my feet, so no wonder I didn’t want anyone to see them, even touch them, let alone fix them!! However, little did I know that I was not alone in suffering from those pesky unsightly bunions!! Furthermore, it turns out that they were contributing immensely to my posture, my knee and hip problems. After 30 years of playing hockey, I couldn’t stand my poor toes smashing up against my shoes anymore, something had to change if I was to continue playing any sport. I really didn’t want surgery, so I went to see my first podiatrist in 2011, one of the best in Bristol, a Podiatry Instructor at the University of West of England. I ran up and down a rubber mat that was connected to a computer, and was promptly furnished with a pair of hi-tech full length orthotics. Within 6mths my toes were happier and my hip problems eased.

Now, I’d like to say problem solved, but as the years have passed, age takes its toll on those old joints and they started complaining. Could things have changed again? I visited Karen Knightly to learn more. So, my orthotics were OK, but the orthotic design and materials were lacking in some areas, and it seems my original assessment was no longer valid. Karen impressed me immensely with her knowledge in gait analysis and orthotic design, pointing out subtle differences between my left and right side by using video playback to show you exactly what’s wrong. She was professional and thorough throughout, explaining in layman terms how the orthotics or even changes in your training regime can alleviate the problems. It turns out I’m a midfoot runner so Karen advised on what trainers suit me best. Also, my original full-length orthotics were inhibiting movement of my toes and they were being lazy, essentially doing very little to help my posture, so I now have ¾ length ones – my toes can wiggle all day, they love it. Karen even suggested toe exercises to get them back in shape.

I’ve now been wearing my orthotics for 3 months, both at work where I’m on my feet all day and when playing sport. My hip and knees are getting better, and my little toes are enjoying their newfound freedom........ bunions? Seems I have forgotten about them"

Lorrie “Happy Feet” July 2016

"I came to you some years ago and had one pair of custom orthotics made. Firstly, THANK YOU. They transformed my running. I think it was 2010 or 2011? My name then was Laura Williams. A lot has happened since then. Two babies and a Wedding being the major life events. Life has literally sped past me! These orthotics are brilliant and I wouldn’t be without them. I've placed a link to your website on our running group page on Facebook as I would highly recommend your services"

Laura Nower Feb 2016

"I have been a customer of Foot Mechanix Podiatry for about 13 years. The expertise and support provided by Karen and her team is superb. As a keen participator in a variety of sports I am most happy to rely on their advice and recommendations which is always delivered with a high level of personability and service. To complement these attributes I also have to mention the very high quality of the product. In my case a pair of orthotics - these things must be made of the very highest quality. I have had good service out of my original pair and that means +12 years. I will continue to use and recommend. 5 stars!".

Adrian Sharman Feb 2016

"I have been working with Karen since I started to up my training back in 2006. I got shin splints so booked myself an appointment with Foot Mechanix to have some custom orthotics made. Straight away I was impressed by Karen’s thorough approach. She spent a great deal of time assessing me and my training needs. When I left she gave me a few sheets with exercises on to do to work on my biomechanical problems and told me which type of running shoes I should buy. The orthotics were very comfortable and effective.

In an endurance sport with a repetitive nature such as triathlon injuries are an unfortunate evil. Consequently anything we can do to reduce our exposure to injury is very useful. I am confident that working with Karen significantly reduces this risk. I am very excited to have her support up to the Olympics in 2012.

Emma Davis - Former Irish Olympian Triathlete

"I have always had completely flat feet and as an NHS patient could never find a comfortable solution. In my teens, I saw a number of podiatrists but the orthotics (insoles) they made for me were incredibly uncomfortable and impractical for wearing in most shoes so I didn't bother wearing them at all.

As I reached my twenties, I experienced a lot of lower back and knee pain that made it difficult for me to stand or sit for long periods of time which meant going to gigs or the cinema was unbearable. Spending money on proper gait analysis was the best thing I have ever done. It allowed me to see for myself why I was getting so much discomfort in my legs and back and how orthotics would make a difference to the way I walk and stand.

I have had my orthotics for more than four years now and all that pain and discomfort has disappeared but if I go for more than 2 days without wearing them, it comes back. It sounds dramatic but it has literally changed my life:

I can walk for hours without foot, leg and back pains, I never experience pain in my knee joints when sitting for long periods of time and working as a teacher, I can be on my feet all day without any discomfort. It has been worth every penny!"

Claire Pollard

"I’m a 43 year old triathlete and have completed numerous Ironman events, many under 9 1/2hrs. 

I’d previously been sceptical of using orthotics as I’d heard mixed reports and the cost seems excessive. But since trying FMX orthotics I can confidently say they work for me.

For many years I’d suffered pelvic pain while running and finally as a last resort I contacted Karen at FMX and was prescribed sports orthotics. Once fitted the improvement was evident on the very first 15min jog on a treadmill as I could run without the discomfort that had plagued my running training.

Since then the improvements have continued and I can now sustain a hard running session every day whereas previously I was forced to leave long gaps. I’ve now a rediscovered enthusiasm for my sport and look forward to racing the London Marathon.

I recommend the professional service provided by Karen and the team at FMX. FMX sport orthotics are my best kit upgrade since buying the Cervelo CP3 time trial bike! My only regret is I wish I’d bought them years ago."

Fraser Dawson

"I ruptured my tibialis posterior tendon in December 2010, culminating in an operation in April 2011 to repair the tendon and re-align my heel bone.Following the surgery, I required a custom-built orthotic to support the repaired tendon.

The first Podiatrist I consulted provided several orthotics, which were totally unsuitable as they provoked severe pain and restricted my mobility.Having made no progress at all after 6 months, I was recommended to consult Karen Knightly, Foot Mechanix Ltd.

The first pair of orthotics proved to be completely successful which allowed me to walk normally and pain free, so that for the first time in 12 months I was finally able to wear a normal pair of shoes.

I am eternally grateful indeed to Karen for her help and professional expertise in getting me 'back on my feet again'!" Robin Felix

"Before I met Karen, I had been advised by my physiotherapist that Iwould never run more than 10 kilometers again. This was after 18 months of rehabilitation from three different physiotherapists.

For a runner to hear those words, it is simple to say that my world was shattered there and then. Determined not to give up and for the sanity of a dear friend, Innes, he took me to see Karen Knightly at Foot Mechanix for a consultation. After all, I had nothing to lose!

Following her analysis, I was fitted with my orthotics and eight months on, after a heavy marathon training schedule, I was able to run my first marathon in 2 years - pain free! I am now training for my next one! Innes and I cannot thank Karen enough"

Nicola Glen