Knee Pain

The knee depends heavily on an efficient functional relationship between the biomechanics of both the foot and pelvis. When this is dysfunctional, the knee becomes misaligned and weak and therefore prone to injury.

Runner’s Knee is a common injury among runners often caused by overuse, misalignment of the bones, weak muscles, or a direct blow or trauma to the knee. Although you always risk injury when you run, many injuries, such as runner’s knee can be prevented.

Various factors can cause overuse injuries to the knee, including poor footwear, inappropriate training programs and inadequate training surfaces. Another major cause is abnormal alignment of the foot and lower leg, this can be as a result of either over-pronation or over-supination of the foot which then alters the knee alignment.

Treatment involves firstly identifying the underlying biomechanical abnormalities accurately with the use of Digital Video Gait Analysis and Biomechanical Assessment. Abnormalities can be addressed using a combination of strengthening/stretching to help stabilise the knee, appropriate foot-wear advice and correction of the kinetic and kinematic imbalances using functional foot orthoses. We also work closely with a number of different specialists to ensure the effective management of knee conditions and may refer you for further treatment if appropriate.